WordPress 1 Click Installation – Quick and Easy for Novices

Based on how easy it is to install, update and maintain WordPress blogging software, http://wordpress.org recommends a number of web hosts. I picked www.Bluehost.com because they were on the top of the list of recommended hosts. I opened a 12-month web-hosting account for around 71 usd and registered my domain name for free. Under the guidance of a Bluehost representative, using the live chat on their website, I installed WordPress on my new web hosting account and connected the software to my new domain name in few easy steps.

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20 Blog Mistakes You Should Be Aware of

Yikes!When you will start a new blog you will surely face some problems & also do some blunder blog mistakes like No actual set aim in blogging, Picking wrong color, wrong Design , Layout problem, etc.
To make money with blogging you should check these again and again and avoid these common mistakes. Earlier it was easy to become popular or to get traffic quickly. But now blogging is very growing section. So smart people will get traffic and exposure.
Check again and  avoid these. Besides, you can make good amount of money from blogging.

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