Top 10 Common SEO Mistakes: Some Search Engine Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

seoSEO refers to Search engine optimization and simple is the way to rank your website to top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Most of the web traffic comes form  the seache engine and that’s why it’s very important to know about the SEO mistakes. If you know these SEO mistakes then you can easily get rank to the top of the rank of the search engines. These type of mistakes can easily hurt your site and you never may realize those. I am not so expert of search engine optimization but I am familiar some of the top common SEO mistakes which will be mentioned here. Look… are you making any mistakes from the following ten mistakes?

Top 10 SEO Mistakes:

01: SEO Mistakes: Irrelevant Keywords

Mistake: Lots of web publishers use irrelevant keywords to refer their contents.
Suggestion:Never use irrelevant keywords for your web contents. Webmaster always should care about to use specific and right keywords which is related to their contents. Always be specific of your web contents and just use the words as keywords which are used to use to surf your website.

02. SEO Mistakes: Empty Back Links

Mistake: Publishers publish lots of contents without any back link(s).
Suggestion: Using some back links really very important for search engine optimization. You may create back-links to your own domain or to other specific domains which are relevant to your web contents. You can easily get back links to ask for them to the related sites to your website and request a link exchange. Back-links always helps for website ranking.

03. SEO Mistakes: Bad Web Design

Mistake: The website design is not good and perfect for the visitors.
Solution: Design your website which is friendly and easy to surf. The screen resolution of your website is really an important factor. First, figure out the targeted visitors of your website and then decide the resolution of your website. Then arrange the contents around the website. Remember, your website must be good looking at first sight and will be attractive to the visitors.

04. SEO Mistakes: Heavy Usage of Flash Contents

Mistakes: To make good looking site web owners are always interested too much of flash content.
Solution: Search engine crawlers are unable to read images and flash contents with no texts. Moreover, using so many flash contents may slow down the website. It’s mandatory to look and feel good of your website. So, try to use as minimum to use flash content of your pages.

05. SEO Mistakes: Simple Title Tag

Mistake: Gloomy title always has less value both to search engines and the visitors.
Solution: Title is the king and is the first thing of search engine optimization. Any search engine starts crawling your contents from the title. So, for SEO and page ranking, your content title should be specific and juicy and attractive with some relevant keywords. And when the title contains those qualities that content is really attractive both the search engines and the visitors.

06. SEO Mistakes: Missing Alt Tags

Mistakes: Web publishers always forget to use Alt tag for the images.
Solution: Like humans, search engine can’t recognize images. For crawling images, use Alt tag for your images. By using Alt tags for the images, search engine spider can easily crawl your image and thus you can easily optimize your web page.

07. SEO Mistakes: Bad Anchor Text

Mistakes: Web publishers use “Click here” or non-descriptive type of text to link the other contents.
Solution: Create and use descriptive type of anchor text to link to other contents. A descriptive anchor text can easily understandable both for the search engines and the visitors. For example, to link this page, you may use “Ten SEO Mistakes to Avoid for SEO” instead of using “click here to read this page”. Remember, anchor text is really important for search engine optimization.

08. SEO Mistakes: Short Time High Traffic

Mistakes: Web owners use excessive search engine optimization software to increase high traffic.
Solution: Many software are available which offers are known as search engine optimization software. These search engine optimization software may brings lots of traffic by republishing your web contents to lots of web sites, blogs or others. Search engine optimization software always offers high traffic of your site by short time. But my personal suggestion is not to use those search engine optimization software so often because it may confuse the search engine which is the original content.

09. SEO Mistakes: Top Ranking for a Particular Keyword

Mistakes: Web publishers are very much interested for top ranking for a particular keyword.
Solution: Professional search engine optimization cost is really much to bear most of the web site owners. But some SEO provides always offer you top ranking for a particular keywords with lowest search engine optimization cost. Please avoid this type of offers because search engine optimization algorithms are changing time to time.

10. SEO Mistakes: Creating User Friendly Articles with Texts, Images and Videos

Mistakes: Publishing contents just plain text.
Solution: Your content must be user friendly and attractive. Writing only good texts does not increase the popularity of the visitors. Your content should be included with relevant images and if possible with relevant images. Creating and publishing contents with images and videos really make attractive article both for visitors and search engine crawlers.

Final Words Related to Common Mistakes of SEO

Search engine optimization is not so hard except avoiding some SEO mistakes. SEO mistakes must be avoided for better search engine optimization and thus it helps better page ranking of your website. The mentioned SEO mistakes are sometimes dangerous for high page ranking. For any mistake out of these ten mistakes, may rank lower of your website to search engines. Hope, mentioned SEO mistakes are easily understandable and easily avoidable during website and web contents creation and publishing.

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