Usability of WordPress Sites for Mobile browsing

 mobile-friendlyWordPress is one of the most popular blogging and website hosts on the internet. Millions of people use it every day to manage their web presence for personal or professional reasons. For example, it is often paired with web hosting solutions to create personalized blogs reflecting people’s interests on a daily basis.

Similarly, mobile browsing has become extremely popular in recent years due to the rise of compact devices that can access the internet such as smartphones and tablets. However, due to the limited screen sizes and resolutions of such devices, if they are used to visit sites that have not been optimized for mobile browsing, navigating through such sites can be a difficult and often times frustrating experience.

This article will discuss a number of plugins and addons that can be used to optimize the usability of WordPress sites for mobile browsing.

As stated above, people use their smartphones these days for a number of tasks, from banking to responding to emails to reading reviews and newspapers to making reservations at restaurants. Something smart phones are also used for is mobile browsing on blogs. If you have a WordPress site, you might spend your time deciding on issues such as whether or not to invest in a dedicated server to ensure you have as much uptime and bandwidth as you will need.

However, if you don’t consider usability on mobile browsers, you might lose a substantial chunk of your audience, since recent surveys indicate that up to 42 percent of Americans may use their smartphones to access the internet. This is why it makes sense to spend a bit of time on improving your site’s mobile usability rather than simply focusing on the traditional design for full sized browsers in full sized computers.

A good place to start is with WP Touch Pro The majority of WordPress blogs will show some sort of content on mobile browsers, but if you want to make things look really good, you will want to spend some time on optimization. WP Touch Pro is designed to optimize your WordPress blog for people who use the iPhone, the iPod touch, and now the iPad by making your blog appear like a “web application.”

What this means is that your site will load very quickly and will be highly customizable by the user on his or her Apple powered device. The plugin is very flexible which helps adapt it to the range of Apple technologies on the market, and it allows users on smartphones to have various “themes” installed.

Another program to consider when you have the goal of optimizing the usability of WordPress sites for mobile browsing is the aptly named WordPress Mobile Edition. This program will detect a mobile browser whenever it visits your site and convert your site on the fly into one that is more amenable toward mobile browsing.

The contents of the plugin do not differ in their functionality from those in a WordPress Theme, which means that you can modify the appearance of the site in the same way that you would with a traditional theme.

The downside of the app is that it is not compatible with auto upgrading WordPress, so you will have to perform your upgrades manually. However, this loss of convenience is a small price to pay for the ability to automatically convert your site to accommodate a number of different browsers.

With these kinds of programs in tow, it is easy to adapt WordPress to make it usable and functional on mobile browsers, which enhances your ability to reach readers, customers, and clientele.

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