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Free Hosted Blog is becoming a trend nowadays. It is advisable for those who want to practice programming or who only need a small website. It can also be suitable for companies who only have a small budget or for those people who only want a space online to be used for personal purposes; however, for businesses out there who want a more professional looking home on the net, it is still best to go for a paid one.

Free Hosted Blog sometimes have banners and various unwanted ads on your website. You might be surprised that even the ads of your business rivals will be seen on your pages. This is something nobody wants if you want to create an impression online; particularly, if you want to protect the interest of your business.  

Advantages of Free Web Hosting

No costs

It will only cost time to build your website because the hosting is free. It’s great for a beginner because you can get your hands dirty without incurring any expenses. It will enable you to learn and experiment with all the features offered by the hosting company.

Create unlimited websites

If you use a service such as WordPress.com you can build unlimited websites without expense. This enables you to test market your product or service before investing a lot of money.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

Unable to host your own domain name

If you want to establish a professional online business you need to register and host your own domain. WordPress.com will give you a free domain name and hosting but must you include WordPress in your domain name e.g. myblogname.WordPress.com This subdomain looks unprofessional and may be a hindrance to doing business with other professionals in your niche.

No professional e-mail address

A professional online business should have an e-mail address that reflects the domain name of your business. If you use a free e-mail address from Gmail or Hotmail customers may think you are a “fly-by-night” business person. This is because many spammers use these free e-mail accounts to send out spam messages or to hide their identity.

No guarantees

There is no guarantee a free web host is going to be there all the time. They may simply be offering this free service to bring in a lot customers or running a trial. The service may suddenly disappear or may start charging a fee once they get established. If the company disappears you’ll lose your domain name, website and all the content you created.

Limited technical support

Free hosts need to maintain low operating costs. This means they can’t afford to hire technical support staff. If you have a technical problem you may not receive any help or it may be very slow.


Some companies offer free Web hosting by displaying advertisements on your web pages. This will annoy your customers and drive them away plus it looks very unprofessional. A professional website should not have banners or pop-ups that display ads unrelated to your niche.

Lack of control

Because you don’t have your own hosting account you have limited control over your website. For example you won’t be able to install your own scripts, software, create your own e-mail accounts or observe your website statistics.

Inability to optimize web pages

In order to attract visitors to your website the web pages need to be optimized for the search engines. This means you need to create the appropriate meta-tags, header tags, file names, image descriptions, navigation links, etc. to make your site search engine friendly. A website built on a free hosting account won’t enable you to do this therefore you’ll miss out on receiving a lot of traffic from the search engines.

The Best WordPress blog hosting Comparison

The best WordPress blog hosting comparison should be made taking into account an few of the following factors..

You must take into account what you want the WordPress BLOG hosting company for, whether it be for your individual needs or for business need.
Then what you require from the best web host comparison, speed, space or support. Or a combination of all three which one has the best service.

Shared Hosting: If you want to host a single domain that does not have huge demands for disk space or bandwidth, shared hosting is the most economical. With shared web hosting, your site shares server space and resources with many other websites.

Reseller Hosting: While you may be able to host multiple domains with a shared hosting account, if you need to host multiple domains of your own or want to resell Web hosting, reseller hosting may better suit your needs. Reseller hosting is generally shared hosting with more resources and an additional control panel to easily configure additional domains.

VPS or Dedicated Hosting: If you have a high need for bandwidth or server resources, you may need a dedicated server. With a VPS or dedicated server, you do not have to share server resources with anyone. Only your domains are hosted on the dedicated Web server. You also generally get full control of the server with administrator or root access.

So, you need to check the amount disk space. To make sure you won’t run into trouble if you should launch a promotion and then the web host suddenly can’t handle it when you get a lots of traffic.

Disk or web space is what you consume for everything you put in your website. It is also similar to bandwidth, only that bandwidth is what your visitors consume when they visit your site or download something from it.

I have used various web hosting companies in last few years, as there are positive and negative outlook on every web host provider. None of them are perfect except www.Bluehost.com for WordPress blog hosting.

Hosting with Bluehost

If you have been shopping for a hosting for your next website you must have heard of Bluehost as it offers the cheapest shared hosting package ever so far ($2.25/month) and an any time money back guarantee. But is it too good to be true? Let’s find out.

When I had my first hosting I paid $15/month for a hosting package that has limits on every thing. That was 3 years ago. It was worth it though as this was the best value for the money a hosting company offered at that time. But to start a blog on that hosting I have to download WordPress, unzip it, make a new MySQL database, update the wp-config-sample.php with the new database, change the name to wp-config.php then transfer the whole package to a folder on the server using an FTP software.

Today most hosting companies have an installer for the famous software like WordPress and Joomla, where you press a button, fill in the spaces and press another button, and you’re done.

So for a hosting company to compete in today’s market they all offer these spoiling features and they have to offer superior customer service and really low prices in order to attract new customers.

And this is exactly what Bluehost did. They offer the cheapest price on a short term basis, and they have one of the best customer service and support I’ve ever dealt with in the hosting industry.

Bluehost is definitely worth a look at. Bluehost appears to be the best for beginners BLOG  owners and WORDPRES bloggers looking for a low priced, feature rich service to get your site up quickly and afford-ably. The basic package for starting out is very reasonable , but once you start adding features is where they make their money.

bluehostQuick Facts For WordPress Hosting on Bluehost.com

  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • Free domain registration
  • Plans Starting from $3.95 per/month
  • Customized Control Panel for Convenience
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free 30 days Hosting Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant Setup
  • Automatic Backups

Bluehost Support and Guarantee

  • Extensive Online Help Center and Ticketing System
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials for Using Your Account
  • 30 days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24×7 Phone, Chat and Email Support
  • Calls Answered in under Two Minutes, on Average
  • Rigorous QA Testing of Staff
  • Access to Online Marketing Guides
  • Google Integration

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The cons of free web hosting clearly outweigh the pros for WordPress blog hosting. Don’t waste a lot of time and money investing in a free web hosting account. Instead purchase your own WordPress blog hosting account in www.Bluehost.com to show others in your niche you are a professional business person.

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